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Uttarpara-Kotrung Municipality
Addressing of Chairman

Addressing of Chairman

Being entrusted to the post of Chairman, Uttarpara -Kotrung Municipality in May 2015, I feel myself responsible for all-round development of Uttarpara, Kotrung, Bhadrakali and Makhla areas.

I, on being the Chairman of Uttarpara-Kotrung Municipality feel very proud to be the First Citizen of this heritage place whose history goes back to the early 18th century. It is a very remarkable fact that the Uttarpara Municipality was founded on 14th April, 1853.

The compulsion of Kaulinya system made Ratneswar, who was a Brahmin, to bring other Brahmin families for matrimony. Gradually, many Brahmin families like Durga Charn Banerjee, Ramtanu Chatterjee, Ramnidhi Chatterjee, Nandalal Mukherjee etc. migrated and settled at Ootarpara through matrimonial relation (Ghar jamai system) with decedents of Ratneswar Roychowdhury. Many of these families afterwards took leading role in intellectual and spiritual development of Uttarpara (we do not know how and when 'Ootarpara' became more sober sounding Uttarpara).

  • To improve the Lighting System of the Uttarpara-Kotrung Municipal area, Trident Lights and High Mast Lights have been arranged at major roads of the area. Establishment of Decorative Lights is under process for other roads too.
  • New Tube Wells and Pumps have been set up for adequate supply of drinking water.
  • Renovation and repairing has been done for our culture laden Community Hall Ganabhavan and further upgradation works are being planned for future.
  • Renovation work for our cremation ground Shibtala Burning Ghat is being submitted to Government for approval.
  • "Bhorer Alo" guest house has been established for organizing meeting, conferences, ceremony,etc, which has a mesmerizing view of the river Ganges.
  • Renovation work for our cremation ground Shibtala Burning Ghat is being submitted to Government for approval.
  • In order to make the Municipal area a plastic free zone, polybags below 40 micron have been banned.
  • Cleansing and reclamation of ponds have been started in order to combat breeding of mosquitoes and water borne diseases.
  • Construction of single storied dwelling houses including allied infrastructural development work have been taken up at different slums and 1286 nos. are being already completed.
  • Construction work has been taken up for the new annexed building of the Municipality in order to provide faster and better public service.
  • Our hospital Mahamaya Sishu-O-Matrimongal Kendra is now equipped with a new Dialysis Unit (with 4 Beds) and Intensive Care Unit for critical patients (with 10 Beds ). Also a Sick New Born Care Unit has been introduced. Emergency Services of 24 hours has also been started to provide better services to the people of the Municipality and the people living in the vast areas even beyond Municipal limits.
  • New bus routes have been started to provide hassle-free transportation. RT-255 runs from Bhagabatipur to Uttarpara. Two CTC buses run between two routes: - a) Uttarpara College to Salt Lake Sector-V and b) Makhla to Salt Lake Sector-V.
  • AC bus stand have been set up at the two boundaries of the Municipal area one in Uttarpara College another In Dharsa Petrol Pump.
  • In our Makhla Office, accommodation has been made for Collection of Taxes and Selling of Forms.

We are looking forward to fruitful suggestions from the citizens of the Municipal area for further developments which will fulfill the needs of the people of the locality. We have a handful of projects which we will execute soon in order to ensure all round progress of the locality:-

  • Now onwards those who are timely tax payers they would receive a Thanks message from the Municipal end.
  • A swimming pool is planned to be established for the masses.
  • Beautifications of parks are to be done so that citizens can spend a leisure time over there.
  • Arrangement is to be done to open two new marriage halls.
  • “Phanindra Bhavan”, a municipal community hall is to be renovated so that it suits the needs of the people who reserve this hall for their family programmes
  • A pivotal Reservoir is to be established at the Municipal area in order to provide timely and adequate water supply to the various localities of the Uttarpara-Kotrung Municipality.
  • Solar System is to be set up in order to generate electric supply through natural sources.
  • At Babughat, an underground Parking Ground is to be built up.

However, without your kind co-operation I will not be able to accomplish these plans well. Useful suggestions from your end will aid in my understanding of the needs of the people in this Municipal area. We have a Whatsapp Number: - 9748511113 / 9831246890 where the citizens can write to us about their problem or if they want to give any kind advice which would be beneficial for the common people. Or they can email to us in: - uttarparakotrungmunicipality@gmail.com. Thus we will be able to shape up different initiatives so that Uttarpara-Kotrung Municipal area can be decorated and the area can be equipped with modern facilities.