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Uttarpara-Kotrung Municipality
Assessment Department

Assessment Department

Prescribed form is to be filled up Recommendation of Councilor / Chairman / Vice – Chairman is to be obtained. If the place of business is on the own holding current tax receipt is to be enclosed. In case of tenancial occupation, current rent receipt and no objection certificate from the owner of the holding are to be submitted. In case of business of any plastic molding, Pollution certificate from competent authority is to be submitted. In case of business with fire (i.e. restaurant, catering services etc.) copy of the fire license is to be submitted. Required fees for all enlistment certificated are to be deposited.

  • On receipt of application for assessment of the new constructed building for addition/alteration of the holdings and amalgamation of the holdings and correction of any holding as applied for are being done by this wing. Thereafter, fixation of tax is done.
  • Application for review of the tax as imposed is being examined and hearing is called to review for the aggrieved person and settlement made thereof.
  • Mutation has three parts viz. Separation, Amalgamation and Correction of the holding/building in question.