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Uttarpara-Kotrung Municipality


National Urban Health Mission (NUHM)

National Urban Health Mission(NUHM) has been initiated as per approved state project implementation plan (PIP) by the state Heath & family welfare department in order to strengthen primary health care delivery system in Urban areas of the state and the said department has finalized the modalities of different components under a programmes Almost all the municipalities including this Municipality of the state have been entrusted with the implementation’s of the project's in their respective jurisdiction. Entire cost of the project including new construction ,repairs & renovation of the existing Buildings ,staff cost ,purchase/supply of the medicines, required instrument, will be borne by National Health Mission The very object of the project is improvement of the health status of the urban population specially the urban poor other's vulnerable section trough both preventive & curative service trough urban primary health care (UPHC)/community health care(CHC) where the facilities as started below would be may available--

  1. OPD services
  2. Basic lab diagnosis
  3. Drug/contraceptives dispensing
  4. Screening for NCD'SC
  5. Referral
  6. Campaign in outreach areas, slum trough ANM.

All the above facilities would be made available to the people free of cost by the ULB.

All the above facilities would be made available in addition to the existing facilities to the sub divisional/Hospital/dist hospital to cater the health care to urban populations a strong referral linkage to be established among the UPHC, UCHCS Maternity Home, Municipality run hospital and the secondary & territory health care facilities i.e. that is central government hospitals, sub divisional hospital, medical collages run by the central govt. to address the health problem.

First contact point between the health care provider & beneficences is UPHC

This Municipalty has established three (3) no. of UPHC in following three(3)places-

  1. UPHC I - Mahamaya sishu o matrimangal kendra sakher bazar ,GT Road ,Bhadrakali
  2. UPHC II - HAU - 1 Makhla i near Debeshwari girl high school
  3. UPHC III - HAU - 2 Near Karai Factory ,Makhla

NULM (National Urban Livelihoods Mission)

To reduce poverty and vulnerability at the Urban Poor households by enabling them to access gainful Self-employment and skilled wage employment opportunities, resting in an appreciable improvement in their livelihood on a sustainable basis in an opportunity through building strong grass root level institution of the poor. The mission would aim at providing shelter equipped with essential service to the urban homeless in a phased manner in addition the mission could also address livelihood centers of the urban street vendors by facilitating accessing emerging market opportunity .

Components under NULM:

    Self Help Groups and Their Federation NULM envisages mobilization of urban poor households into three tier structure with SHG at the grass root level , ALF at ward level and CLF at the city level. This component based on the foundation at the mobilization of URBAN poor households to form their own households is an important investment for an effective and sustainable poverty eradication program. Under this component UKM formed near about 300 SHG around 15000 urban poor families are under this program. Approximately 10 lacs loan already been revolved among the SHGs
  2. Employment through Skill Training and Placement. (EST&P) Under NULM We are stated following Training programme.Former SJSRY Scheme we are conducted vocational training of 3500 unemployed youth. 50% of trainees now became self-dependent. Picture showing the product are made by the trainees under employment skill training programme.
Department No of trainees
Beautician 50
Tailoring 50
Basic Computer 25

Basic Services for Urban Poor (BSUP)

The Government of India has defined slum areas as areas where buildings are unfit for human habitation (Slum Area Act, 1956). Physically, slums consist of clusters of hutment comprising several rooms constructed with building materials where each room is inhabited by a family sharing a common latrine without arrangement for water supply, drains, disposal of solid waste and garbage within the slum boundaries.

The objectives of the program are as follows: -

  1. Provision of Basic Services to Urban Poor including security of tenure at affordable prices, improved housing, water supply, sanitation and ensuring delivery through convergence of other already existing universal services of the Government for education, health and social security.
  2. Focused attention to integrated development of Basic Services to the Urban Poor in the cities covered under the Mission.
  3. Secure effective linkages between asset creation and asset management so that the Basic Services to the Urban Poor created in the cities, are not only maintained efficiently but also become self- sustaining over time.
  4. Ensure adequate investment of funds to fulfill deficiencies in the Basic Services to the Urban Poor.
  5. Scale up delivery of Civic amenities and provision of utilities with emphasis on universal access to urban poor.
  6. improving and augmenting the economic and social infrastructure of cities.
  7. Provision of Basic Services to the Urban Poor including security of tenure at affordable prices, improved housing, water supply, sanitation and ensuring delivery through convergence of other already existing universal services.
  8. Focus on urban renewal program for the old city areas to reduce congestion.

BSUP Project under JNNURM (JAHARLAL NEHERU NATIONAL URBAN RURAL MISSION) Scheme got this municipality in the year of 2006 – 2007 and details are as follows:-

  1. 1286 nos of Dwelling Units & Septic Tank.
  2. 7680 mtr. Water Supply.
  3. 8642 mtr. Drainage System.
  4. 8560 Sq.mt. Cement Concrete Road.
  5. 231 nos of Street Light.
  6. 20 nos of Community Hall.
  7. All ready continue 16 nos Dwelling Units and 1950 mtr. Drainage System.

At present few works of this project is going on till date. 1228 nos of Dwelling Units, 7680 mtr. Water Supply Work, 8560 Sq. Mt. Cement Concrete Road, and 6899.01 mtr. Drainage System, 231nos of street Lights and 9 nos of Community Halls are completed in the Municipal Areas.

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) – Housing for All by 2022

According to the terms of the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, the government of India will undertake to construct about two crore houses by the year 2022.

The Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna aims to provide affordable homes to about 20 million families from 2015 to 2022. The project comprises of shares mostly being borne by Central Govt. Project and other shares are subsidized by State Government, ULB and Beneficiaries. The project will continue during the Financial Year – (2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19, 2019-20, 2020-21 and 2021-22).

Mid-Day Meal

With a view to enhancing enrolment and attendance and simultaneously improving nutritional levels among children - the Mid-Day Meal Scheme (MDM) was started in Uttarpara in 2005. The program; supplies free lunches on working days for children in primary and upper primary classes in government, government aided, local body and Child With Special Need (CWSN) schools, supported under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, controlled by the School Education Department. The program has been taken up throughout India under the orders of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.

The world’s largest school feeding program is reaching out to about 10745 children in 62 schools across Uttarpara Municipality jurisdiction. Over 180 Cook-cum-Helpers are working in various eligible schools under Cooked Mid-Day Meal Program (CMDM).

The Chairman is the Nodal Officer of CMDM for this Municipality. The District Magistrate and SDO are mainly responsible for implementation of the scheme. Similarly, DI, ADI and SI of Schools are responsible for day to day monitoring of the school. All Schools under UKM are entrusted to submit their up-to-date Report (Annual, Monthly and Health) within a specific time to Uttarpara Municipality, Mid-day Meal Section for analyzing and better implementation of the scheme. The effective implementation is possible for this public utility scheme is, only by positive feelings of teachers, parents and respective personnel.

Objectives of the Program:

The key objectives of the Program are:

  1. Mid day meal has assure of a free lunch every day for their children helped the poor families that, engulfed in poverty, hunger and starvation.
  2. It aims to address “classroom hunger” and encourage poor children, belonging to disadvantaged sections, to attend school regularly and help them concentrate on classroom activities.
  3. School feeding program serve as a very effective mechanism for strengthening the socialization process. It helps to break the caste and class barriers.
  4. This program has created a very congenial atmosphere for education, health growth and overall well-being of the poor and needy children.
  5. The Scheme has created various good habits in children, such as washing one’s hands before and after eating, use of clean water , good hygiene etc.
  6. Mid-day meal Scheme also generates employment to poor families as Cook-cum-Helper, Rice suppliers and distributors etc