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Uttarpara-Kotrung Municipality
Vice Chairperson Speech

Vice Chairperson Speech

Being the Vice Chairperson of the First Municipality in West Bengal and Second Municipality in India gives me immense amount of pride and responsibility of accomplishing the duties entrusted upon me. I feel myself responsible to look after the needs of the people of the different sections of society living in this Uttarpara, Kotrung, Makhla and surrounding areas. I love to see the development brought about by the joint efforts of the Chairman, all the Councillors and the local people of this Municipality.

  • Amongst all other needs, I feel unemployment is a major problem in our society today. We are trying to help the young unemployed persons in all respects
  • Also, giving services for the down-trodden, poor and destitute people of the society in way of providing pensions to eligible persons, ration cards, distribution of bicycles to School students under Sabuj Sathi Scheme, distribution of School books to needy students and Samabyathi service is a very important role.
  • Drainage system is being developed and we have a view of preparing a Master Plan for the drainage system of Uttarpara-Kotrung Municipal area in collaboration with Jadavpur University in an effort to construct covered drains all over the Municipal area.
  • Toilets are being constructed in the households who cannot afford building one.
  • More and more contractual workers have been engaged to clean the Municipal roads along with the Municipal sweepers on contractual basis.
  • Resolving the disputes of the local people with regard to the assessment and mutation of their holdings and objections placed is a very big job being done.
  • I always believe in patronizing the cultural activities as well as Sports and such activities within our Municipal area. This will help to increase the latent talent of the young generation.
  • I also keep vigil on the environmental pollution of our jurisdiction.
  • Also, we have taken an initiative to help the Madhyamik students by starting the Mock Test for Madhyamik students this year and which will be continued every year for the betterment of Madhyamik results.

Looking after the needs of the people and solving their problems and being available for them at their time of need is a priority for me and I always stay by it.

With this vision, I would like to, however, invite suggestions from the people of this Municipality so that we can all work towards the betterment and development of Uttarpara, Kotrung and Makhla areas and flourish with flying colours.