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Uttarpara-Kotrung Municipality
Citizen's Charter

Citizen's Charter

Department Function Routed Through Submitted to Head of the Department
General Department The matters regarding General Administration, Establishment or routed through head clerk. He is the in-charge of Front Office and Receiving section. He looks after the Pension cases of the employees, leave cases of the employees. He is the in-charge of the Vehicles of this Municipality. All BOC matters and all C-IN-C meeting matters are dealt in this department. The matters regarding Assessment Certificate, Mutation Certificate, Legal hair certificate are being done in this department.
This Department is the Pivot of this ULB.
Head Clerk Executive Officer Executive Officer (Principal Officer of this Municipality)
Cash Department Cashier is the In-charge of cash Department. He looks after the cash deposit for different purpose after obtaining necessary departmental order. Payment of different Bills including the wages of contractual and casual workers are being paid by this Department and keep records of the financial transactions thereof. This is the most vital wing of this ULB. Cashier Finance Officer Finance Officer
Accounts Section Accountant Looks after the money matters of the ULB viz. disbursal of salary to the staff, audit matters, maintenance of accounts and bank accounts, preparation of bills and payment orders of vendors, calculation of pension and PF of staff and correspondence with Treasury. Accountant Finance Officer  
Assessment Department This wing plays an important role in respect of Assessment/ Mutation. Every Five years General Assessment is being done under the guidance of West Bengal Valuation Board. Assessment in-charge is looking after the all the above matters and the matters as follows:-

(i) On receipt of application for assessment of the new constructed building/ addition/alteration of the holdings and amalgamation of the holdings and correction of Mutation/Assessment of any holding as applied for are being done by this wing. Thereafter, fixation of tax is done.

(ii) Application for review of the tax as imposed is being examined and hearing is called to review of the aggrieved person and settlement made thereof.

(iii) Mutation has three parts viz. Separation, Amalgamation and Correction of the holding/building in question.
  Chairman / Vice-Chairman  
Birth and Death This Department maintains the record of Birth and Death of the persons within this Municipality. On receipt of the application with relevant documents in the prescribed format from the concerned parties Certificates in respect of Birth/Death are being issued. Also, Cremation certificate are issued as per records received for Shibtala Burning Ghat /Burial ground.     Chairman as registered of Birth and Death
P.W. Department This department is doing the matter of submission of Site Plan before submission of construction plan of the building along with the relevant authenticated documents. These include the construction of multi storied building.

He looks after the matter of construction of road viz bitumen mastic asphalt and pitch, Pakka drainage and sewerage system within the periphery of this Municipality.

Issuance of license for hording at the different places within the Municipal area.

Electricity: looking after the installation of high mast light, supply of lamp (including vapor and LED) for all the light post within the Municipal area.
SAE In-charge Chairman  
Collection Department For deposition of quarterly tax, previous tax of the property receipt and to be submitted. Time schedule for getting service on 10.30 am to 1.30 pm and 2 pm to 3.30 pm for all working days except 1st Saturday and 3rd Saturday including notified holidays. Now also deposit of Property Tax is also available online for the residents of this ULB by the party concern.      
Trade License Department Prescribed form is to be filled up recommendation of Councilor / Chairman / Vice – Chairman is to be obtained. If the place of business is on the own holding current tax receipt is to be enclosed. In case of tenancial occupation, current rent receipt and no objection certificate from the owner of the holding are to be submitted. In case of business of any plastic molding, Pollution certificate from competent authority is to be submitted. In case of business with fire (i.e. restaurant, catering services etc.) copy of the fire license is to be submitted. Required fees for all enlistment certificated are to bedeposited.


Time schedule for getting service on 10.30 am to 1.30 pm and 2 pm to 2.30 pm for all working days except 1st Saturday and 3rd Saturday including all holidays.

Fees to be deposited in Cash Department and other information may be obtained from department.
Water Works Department Supply of sufficient purified drinking water to the residents of this Municipality is the first and foremost duty.  After the receiving the application along with authenticated documents from the inhabitance for new connection are being examine and allowed connection if it is ok. Fees in this connection are required to be deposited.

Permission for Ferrule cleaning:-  Application with current tax receipt and required fees are to be deposited.

 Leakage repairing:- Application from the concerned parties are required to be deposited in the Water Works Department and action in this regard will be made within 7 days from the date of receipt of the application.

New water treatment centre in addition water treatment centre is going to be installed with the financial help of K.M.W.S.A.